Simply intelligent feeding.

Trailed Line 4.0

Trailed Vertical Feed Mixers

For farmers that prefer the conventional approach.

4.0 Compact

Mixing Tub Capacities: 7 - 14m3 (247 - 495 ft3)

SILOKING presents a complete new range of single auger mixers with capacities from 7 m3 to 14 m3. Lots of innovations have been adopted from the jumbo range. The SILOKING Compact is particularly suited for use with confined buildings.

TrailedLine 4.0 Compact models also break up round bales without problems.

With various discharge versions, the feed mixer can be individually adapted to the farm conditions.

The robust underrun protection with integrated lighting provides optimal protection by day and by night. 

Trailed Line

4.0 Premium 1814 /2218/3022

Mixing Tub Capacities: 14 - 30m3 (495 - 1060 ft3)

The SILOKING TrailedLine 4.0 Premium range convinces with short mixing times and homogeneous mixing results thanks to the edged mixing tub shape. All models are equipped with SILONOX wear protection in the area of the wedge-shaped mixing tub recesses and of the discharge door. The robust and torsion-free square-bar frame together with the powerful 4-planet gearbox ensures high operational reliability.

Choosing from different mixing tub heights and tires makes it possible to adapt the machine to the passage heights in the barn or to the maximum height of the loading vehicle. When reducing the mixing tub height, it is however important to adapt also the turbo auger in order to meet the quality requirements of the mixing tub geometry.

Models from TrailedLine 4.0 Premium 3022-26 upwards are equipped with a tandem axle (with steering axle or steering axle with positive steering as option). 


4.0 System 1000+ 4535

Mixing Tub Capacities: 35 - 45m3 (1236 - 1590 ft3)

SILOKING TrailedLine 4.0 System 1000+ 4535 combines high capacity with maximum payload. Designed for the requirements of farms with 1,000 cows and more.

The SILOKING tridem axle distributes the weight onto 3 axles and reduces the load on the farmyard ground when traveling with the mixing tub filled. In addition, it provides highest comfort during fast road travel, even with the maximum permitted load (e. g. in the 40-km/h version). Along with the required safety, the 2 steering axles of the tridem axle ensure excellent maneuverability on the farm.

The 3 vertical mixing augers provide quick and homogeneous feed mixing, which additionally saves time and diesel. The machine can be equipped with SoftStart as an option. 


4.0 Duo Avant 2014

Mixing Tub Capacities: 14 - 22m3 (495 - 777 ft3)

Due to the optimized and conical mixing tub geometry, combined with a particularly compact design, a considerably higher utilization of the mixing tub volume can be achieved even if the ration includes a high percentage of long-fibered feed. In addition, the Duo Avant offers low drag resistance and reliable function.

The conical mixing tub shape together with the adapted turbo augers ensures that long-fibered material also returns to the lower part
of the mixing unit. Low drag resistence and high flexibility make the Duo Avant particularly efficient.

The rounded FlowPlus hopper ring takes the feed from the top back down into the mixing process, thus ensuring clog-free working, even
when processing round bales.


4.0 Duo Avant 3227

Mixing Tub Capacities: 27 - 32m3 (955 - 1130 ft3)

This range combines high capacity with low power requirement. Due to the small diameter of the bottom plate and the conical mixing tub
shape, only 100 hp are required for the drive of the innovative 3-auger vertical mixer with 27 m³ and 32 m³ capacities.

The machine starts without any problems even with a payload of up to 12 tonnes and after a long idle time. This is gentle on the tractor drive line. The 3 vertical mixing augers provide a quick and homogeneous feed mix, which additionally saves time and diesel.

Optional: Positive steering for excellent maneuverability.