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Meet Our team

The Siloking Canada team is here to serve you with exceptional customer support. Scroll down to meet our team


General Manager | Reto Ammann

Born and raised in Switzerland, Reto comes from a background in agricultural equipment and Machine Design Engineering. Reto worked several years at  an equipment manufacturer in Switzerland before a new adventure called him to Canada and the USA to begin his journey establishing Siloking Canada.

 "Any machine that moves on wheels or tracks." ~ Reto.

Sales Representative | Karl Terpstra

Karl grew up on his family's farm in Soutwestern Ontario. Born into the industry, Karl decided to persue his passion in both knowldege and practice. After completing his major in Livestock Management at Ridgetown College of Agriculture Technology, Karl began raising his own beef cattle. Being a farmer and Sales representative for Siloking Canada, Karl falls on the fine line where he can truly understand the needs of our customers. He is one of the reps that actually knows what he is talking about when it comes to feeding and the efficiency needed for today's farmers.

"Everything that eats at least one load of a properly mixed TMR ration a day." ~ Karl

Bookkeeper | Yvonne Houle

Yvonne is another Swiss, part of the Siloking Canada team and, has been with Siloking Canada since the beginning. The agricultural indusrty was new to Yvonne as she came to Canada with a business degree not knowing she would be very much involved in agriculture. Yvonne still believes she was meant to be part of the farming community and should have picked a different field of study. Aside from keeping the wheels turning at Siloking Canada, Yvonne and her husband run an Alpaca farm they started in 2004.

"Problems are meant to be solved, Let's fix it." ~Yvonne

Apprentice | Johnathan Ager

Born in the USA, Johnathan moved to Woodstock Ontario at a young age. Jonathan grew up on a farm and was always around different types of agricultural machines and equipment. Johnathan was naturally drawn towards the mechincal side of things on the farm which eventually led him to joining the Siloking Canada team. Johnathan brings great knowldege and experience to the team and can usually be found in the shop wearing a smile.

General Laborer | Yuri Molozhanov

Born and raised in Ukraine, Yuri recently came to Canada to start a new life with his family. Being mechanically inlcined Yuri knew that he would need to find a workplace where his skills would be valued. Yuri discovered Siloking Canada and thought it would be a great place to persue his career. Yuri brings valuable experiene and knowledge to the Siloking Canada team.

Service Technician | Henri Van Warby

Henri was born and raised local to Putnam Ontario. Henri grew up on a farm and naturally was drawn to agricultral equipment, machines, and anything with a motor. After spending some time in western Canada as a certified mechanic, Henri joined the Siloking Canada team, where he could be close to home and continue persuing his career as a certified mechnic.

Service Technician | Peter Wattel

Born in Holland, Peter moved to Canada with his family at the age of 14. His farm background and over 25 years of experience in the feed mixer industry makes him a valuable asset to the daily operations of the Siloking team. Peter is always up for helping customers optimize their feed equipment and feeding process. He sees technical problems as opportunities to serve the customer and not as an obstacle.

"Everything that is hydraulically or electrically driven." ~ Peter

Service Technician | Fabian Isenschmid

Fabian was born and raised in Switzerland. Fabian began his professional career as a mechanic in the automotive indusrty until he discovered his interest in agricultural equipment. Fabian's experience with European equipment adds value to the Siloking Canada team.

Head of Sceurity | Joa Von

Joa has recently taken a step back from his full-time postion at Siloking Canada as head of security. Although Joa is not always seen around the shop, he still makes time in his busy day of eating treats and sniffing out squirrels, to make his rounds around the shop. 

"Squirrels and Banana treats." ~ Joa Von