Simply intelligent feeding.

Why Siloking?

That's a great question. We're glad you asked. Here are 6x4 obvious answers.

When you choose SILOKING equipment, you get what you pay for. The results of increasing your productivity and profit margin will speak for itself. Be one step ahead. Choose to get access to Simply Intelligent Feeding.

Highest Quality and Reliability

There's only one group of people who hate downtime as much as you do, and that is us. Investing in High Quality and Reliability is the solution to keep your equipment working at any pace you set.   

  • SILONOX High Wear Resistance Steel
  • SILOKING Planetary Gearbox. (4 Planets)
  • Turbo Auger for Fast Discharge
  • Square Bar Frame


Less Maintenance

SILOKING equipment has the best maintenance interval available. Let your equipment work for you, and not the other way round.   

  • 1000h Service Interval (SP)
  • Auto Reverse Fan
  • Auto Greaser
  • Maintenance Free Exhaust System

We Focus on Feed Quality

The health of your livestock is integral to your success. We focus on your needs and the needs of your animals.  

  • Superior Auger Design
  • Superior Defacer Design
  • Modular Auger Size
  • HD Magnet
Feed Quality

More Comfort and Significantly Better Performance

Our Philosophy is Simple: Put the Farmer's needs first. When you climb into the cabin, you'll immediately feel the difference.  

  • Superior Visibility
  • Fully Air Suspended Machine
  • Innovative, User Friendly Controls
  • Perfect view to camera & Machine Control Screen provides higher safety


Intelligent Concepts

Apart from superior engineering and performance, the difference is clear in attention to detail throughout our product line.  

  • Centrally located Power Pack easily accessible
  • Perfect Weight Distribution for excellent traction in both loaded and empty state
  • SILOKING Data for perfect control, accurate documentation and easy operation
  • Steering Concepts for unbeatable maneuverability


Customer Service a Top Priority

We're here to serve you to allow you to do what you do best. We stand by our customers and our reputation for providing excellent service is part of the deal.    

  • SILOKING Factory Trained Staff
  • Competent and Reliable Service Network
  • Extensive Spare Parts Inventory in Canada
  • 24/7 Support Hotline