Simply intelligent feeding.

SelfLine 4.0 Product Lineup


SelfLine 4.0 compact 1612

Mixing Tub Capacities: 12 - 16m3 (424 - 565 ft3)

The low profile machine

A compact design, maneuverable 3-point chassis, high-performance milling head and the powerful and economical drive system make the SILOKING SelfLine the perfect solution for mechanizing conventional family farms as well as for large farms that want to realize precise feeding of various performance groups of cows.
Compact design and two-sided discharge without running over the feed.
The low models Compact 12, 13 as well as 16 are perfectly suited for low barn passages. They are equipped with the powerful and economical 105 kW (143 hp) Volvo 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine, emission standard stage IV. For models Compact 13 and 16, there is an optional Power pack with 129 kW (175 hp) or 160 kW (218 hp). 


SelfLine 4.0 Premium 2215 

Mixing Tub Capacities: 15 - 22m3 (530 - 777 ft3)

The compact designed and high performance machine with considerable collecting height and more capacity.

Even with these models of course, the focus is on the benefits of SelfLine 4.0 equipment. Comfort cab, new drive line and new hydraulics, integrated multi-functional armrest with CAN-bus control system and the new turbo auger make the operation efficient and economical. The models Premium 15, 19 and 22 can load feed from up to 5 m bunker height with the long milling head arm. The standard power pack on these models is a Volvo 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine with 129 kW (175 hp), emission standard stage IV (and with 160 kW / 218 hp as option).



SelfLine 4.0 System 500+ 2519

Mixing Tub Capacities: 19 - 27m3 (671 - 955 ft3)

The all-rounder for road and farm

Dairy farms with several locations, feeding communities and custom feeders are all expecting the same things from a self-propelled feed mixer. It both needs to be fast on the road and convince you in confined farmyard spaces. Fast and extremely maneuverable, this modern self-propelled feed mixer impresses in all conditions. With an overall height of less than 3 meters, even low barn passages are no obstacle.
At the same time, loading heights of 5.0 or 5.5 meters mean that the SelfLine 4.0 System 500+ 2519 also features impressive reach.
Thanks to 4-wheel steering, it also copes easily with rough terrain and paved surfaces. The machine features large tires and is very maneuverable, thanks to the two steered axles. The machine is available in 3 speed versions (25/40/50 km/h).


SelfLine 4.0 System 1000+ 3225

Mixing Tub Capacities: 25 - 32m3 (883 - 1130 ft3)

The highly maneuverable XXL self-propelled for large

The SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 System 1000+ models impress with high maneuverability, capacity and performance and have been designed for farms with 1,000 cows and more. Thanks to the 3-axle chassis, the selfpropelled feed mixer can be loaded with up to 12 tonnes
– and convinces through a balanced weight distribution. This way the forces on the chassis, the tires and the driving surfaces is reduced.

In addition, the active steering of the front and rear axles offers an enormous maneuverability. The mixing hopper has a capacity of 32 m³ or 25 m³ and 3 or 2 turbo augers. And the XXL self-propelled mixes very quickly and homogeneously.